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New energy Corporation Ltd. is an engineering company, established to develop and implement energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies. Since 2014 NEC Ltd. is focused in the OXY-HYDROGEN generator design and constructions. During the years the company is working on technology improvents and cost effective gas production.The NEC Ltd. generators are known with their realability, packed size and the most important – cost effective Oxy-Hydrogen gas production ( the lowest kwh/m3 known).

Our philosophy is, that the provided new technologies must reduce harmful emissions levels, along with reducing the production costs.

Based on the idea for cost effective OXYHYDROGEN gas production, we developed our machines, using self-invented devices and technologies:

  • Self-developed electrolytic cells (stackable)
  • Device and Technology for 100% gas extraction
  • Low electrolyte saturation – 3-5% only
  • Device and Technology for gas drying
  • Industrial Automation controlled process.
  • Automation controlled heating and cooling technology

Remote access – real time control and analysis of the machine and process.

The gas generators, produced by our company are unique in their efficiency – performance related to input of energy (electricity) and there is still no such equivalent known, even worldwide.



What we do



Internal combustion engines. Oxyhydrogen gas mixed with the primary fuel. As result: iincreasing of the engine efficiency, respectively lowering the basic fuel consumption up to 30% and reducing harmful emissions up to 70%. Actually, this technology is economically applicable to large engines – trucks, buses, some marine and locomotives engines, industrial machinery.

– Cleaning of internal combustion engines. The problem with the pollution inside the internal combustion engines (deposits, oxides) is very typical in trucks, buses, cars. Treatment the engines with oxyhydrogen gas, removes deposits and oxides, improves engine performance, reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions. The treatment increasing engine life, avoid expensive chemical cleanings, and generate savings from cost reductions.
– Integration of oxy-hydrogen systems in existing (or suspended from work due to pollution problems) heat and power plants working withg with oil or low-caloric fuels.
– Improving the efficiency along with emissions enter the permitted norms of heat and power plants working with low-calorie fuels.
– Production of standalone systems for full burning in eligible environmental standards of low caloric or waste fuels – oil, coal, waste oils, biofuels.


Especially popular are cutting applications of different types of steels, using Oxy-Hydrogen gas instead of propan or acetyle for cutting of metals in production or recycling. As we know, there are some negative aspects in machine (and manual) steel cutting processes using fuel oxidation:

  • Big amount of used Oxygen in cutting process: for the cutting and for the heating of the material, especially by cutting very thick materials
  • Producing carbon oxides during the cutting process (caused by using of carbon based fuels for heating the material)
  • Structure changes of the material and thermal deformations, caused by high temperature heating over a large area.
  • Relative low cutting speed.

The implementation of Oxy-Hydrogen in the steel cutting process has following very important advantages:

  • Less total amount of Oxygen used in the process: lower amount in the cutting process and lower pressure than usual .NO heating Oxygen is used in the process.
  • No harmful carbon oxides production during the process: the heating fuel does not contain carbons! (OXY-HYDROGEN).
  • Faster cutting speed : the percent vary from up 25%, but is impressive in thicker materials.
  • “point” heating of the material gives no structure changes and no thermal deformations.

Besides purely technical, environmental and financial benefits, it is very important to note, that the Oxy-Hydrogen gas used, is produced and consumed locally and only when needed. This lower the costs for transport and storage of oxygen gas, and eliminates many regulations for handling oxygen gas.


The company owns a license for developing and using of international patent in field of heating technologies, allowing the use of clean oxyhydrogen gas (without mixing with other fuels by burning) for the production of heating energy for domestic needs and industrial needs.


Our company is developing new technology innovation, which can solve most of the problems, related to the harmful exhaust gasses, generated during the incineration processes. Integrating our unique device, we implement new kind of burning technology in the combustion processes in the primary and secondary combustion chamber of the incinerator. This solve most of the problems, related to the harmful exhaust gasses: elimination of dioxins and flue gasses, final filtration and elimination of the rest, harmful exhaust gases. Our technology is suitable for any type of incinerator, creating, after implementation, a 100% clean device.


Mechanical Engineer with many published patents and models. Improtant person for the Bulgarian heavy insudtrie. The visionary that brings to Bulgaria technologies from Japan (Kobe steel) and Germany (Mannesmann) and major contribution for the cooperation between KOBE STEEL, MANNESMANN from one side and “Chervena Mogila Plant” Bulgaria from the other side.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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